Survey Results: Kentucky

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Please note that the information presented here is only that which was reported in the survey from 2019 and does not include information or places reported in older published sources.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky became a state on June 1, 1792. Prior to statehood, it was it was the Kentucky district in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

According to the survey, the earliest Germans from Russia to arrive in Kentucky were second generation descendants of Germans from Congress Poland (or Russian Poland), from the Vistula colony of Chelpowo. They arrived in Louisville, Kentucky in 1966.

There were no immigrant Germans from Russia reported to have lived in Kentucky. There were, however, second, third, fourth and fifth generation descendants living there at some point.

List of Places

There were 9 places in Kentucky reported on the survey. Included below is the earliest year Germans from Russia reportedly arrived in each place. The "Germans from Russia Origins" column includes the region in Russia along with colony from which immigration took place, and/or the colony of immigrant's birth. The locations of the ancestral colonies today can be found on the Germans from Russia Settlement Locations map.


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