What's New?

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07 March 2020 - Updated data for Ohio and Washington.

03 March 2020 – Fixed mistakes in North and South Dakota data.

28 February 2020 - Fixed mistake in Minnesota and North Dakota data. A duplicate Fargo got reported in Minnesota.

23 February 2020 - Added the breakdown of the Protestant religions under the "Faith" section on the Survey Results page.

22 February 2020 - Survey results detailed summary and list of places for all 50 states, DC and Guam posted.

20 January 2020 – Survey summary blog post. https://www.germansfromrussiasettlementlocations.org/2020/01/survey-summary.html

18 January 2020 – Data from the survey has been normalized and summarized.

1 January 2020 – The "Germans from Russia in America Survey" is officially closed. Work continues on normalizing and summarizing the data. The resulting source material will be worked into the overall map data once completed.

Page last updated March 3, 2020